Welcome to happenstance.

This is one of my blogs. I have another.

I guess I like to compartmentalize.
See, I’m here too.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. I feel happy when I’m busy and occupied with other people, but my happiness subsides as soon as the fun is over.
Well, maybe not immediately, but quickly. Real happiness is not supposed to be that way. I should be able to be comfortable enough in my own skin to just… be with myself.

I know I’m not happy because I’ve been in a crappy creative rut for months. It seems my muse is not a muse anymore. I should be able to be my own muse. This is where this blog comes into play. I need to rediscover a way to create without relying on someone else’s chemical rushes to the brain. I need to be able to cultivate new ideas from within myself.

I need to find a way to do this. I need to write about my journey, should it ever truly get off the ground, so I can find my way back should I ever lose it again.

Yes. Welcome to the search for independence and happiness… and probably some silliness too.
If my personal life spills over here too, I apologize. This is all about my journey… struggles, triumphs and everything else that comes along with being a formerly creative 20-something year old girl. Things that influence and things that drag me down will likely be discussed.

And for anyone out there who is in the same boat as me — I feel your pain. It’s a crazy, dull, colorless feeling. It feels so little like what life should feel like. Here’s to finding a life that’s rich in emotion and color.


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