“A girl and happenstance”: The complimented writing

Another one wandered in. Maybe this one had been there all along. Who knows? Probably only you.
All those words spoken were meaningless because you were never leaving.

Your roots are more firmly planted than hers.
Admit it, though? No.

A quiet arrogance, the thought that you knew more than anyone, was always something she secretly loved and hated about you. Love and hate were two passionate responses that were a daily part of her dealings with you. She felt alive if she was busy with either one.

She knows it’s unhealthy, but emotions always rule. They rule you, even if you spoke in pragmatisms. They rule her, but she readily admits this. No decision is ever made in “logic” except for the ones you made for her.

She learned to never settle from you. Something she is thinking about unlearning because everyone settles eventually.

Now she’s looking in on this new one. She wonders how this will transpire. Will this one also break you? Make you hate the world? Or will this one finally stick? Will there finally be a happy ending, even if it’s not the one she had in mind?

Maybe she’s meant to be alone. Maybe she’s meant to be the one that wanders into their lives when they need someone and out once they’re rebuilt and ready for someone more exciting.

She’s not exciting; she’s plain but lovely… still, unexciting. No, that’s not quite right. She’s not unexciting, she’s steadfast. Steadfast is something she always thought would be a good thing, but really it’s just caused her a lot of trouble.

She’s unnamed. So are you. One of the many who have come and gone. She’s the one who wonders, worries, paces and loses sleep. She’s the one who sinks herself into delusions just so she can sleep. If she doesn’t sleep, she fears the delusions will take over her waking life as well.

The last thing she needs is for someone to call her insane and technically be right.

This is the writing my sister complimented and it’s also the inspiration for this blog’s creation.


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