Sketches and progress.



I listened to “Keep Breathing” (by Ingrid Michaelson) on repeat the entire time I was working on this. It’s a self-portrait and it’s not done. I’ll post it as it gradually comes along. Please forgive the cell phone shots. I’d rather give you ONE good quality shot when it’s actually done. Until then, cell phone shots are what you get. Deal with it. :)



I painted a bunch of scrap paper, I plan on cutting leaves and butterflies out of it and attaching it to the paper some way. This is my theory on how this will be completed.

My foot, Allison's finger.

My foot, Allison's finger.

I also took a quick shot of the sketchbook. I haven’t added to it yet, I’ll do that tonight at supper. I’m sure I’ll need something to doodle while I’m at my Meemaw’s.


2 thoughts on “Sketches and progress.

    • Thank you! I was so afraid to start this little painting because I decided to use my pretty Paper Source paper. I had to sit there and talk myself into it.

      Then I decided it would be easier to convince myself that it’s a good idea if I was drinking… so I had a beer at 3pm.

      It was 5 o’clock somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

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