I’m looking forward to working on my painting some more this weekend. Saturday night is feeling like a good night to make myself a SoCo and Coke and cut/glue/sew butterflies onto my paper canvas.

I’m listening to Ingrid Michaelson on an obsessive basis. Nothing else sounds right to me right now. I know this because I tried to force Regina Spektor (another favorite) into my head and it just didn’t work. It sounded off. This is not Regina’s problem, of course. I’m a Scorpio and we tend to have addicitve personalities. Luckily I’ve never been into any sort of substance abuse, I tend to get addicted to people… and apparently music artists.

This creativity thing has been making me look inward more than I usually do (which is already quite¬†a lot). I’ve been noticing and accepting that I seem to be attracted to people who are poison to me. This isn’t their fault. I seem to be attracted to people who aren’t quite figured out yet.

I’m constantly making discoveries about myself, but I’m a dynamic person and I know who I am at the core. Not everyone is so lucky. Those are the people I’m drawn to. It’s kind of like moths to a flame.

I’ve noticed a lot of similarities in relationships that don’t work or never got off the ground. I guess it’s good to be aware of these things, at least then you know when you’re getting into trouble.

I missed my artistic therapy — oh so much.


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