Wow. Ok, so it’s been a few months.

Sorry about that.

I haven’t been doing much creative lately. I got sucked back into working too much. Schools back in sessions, so I’ve been busy with semi-tutoring and making dinner and feeling overworked. I started making a website for my dad… hopefully I get a little more time to work on it this weekend.

Again, I apologize and just to prove that I haven’t been completely uncreative, I’ll show you a photo.


Yeah, I know, I need to focus on this again. Otherwise I’ll become boring or something.

Today was nice. I got to hang out with someone just for the sake of hanging out. They didn’t want or need anything from me… just plain ol’ conversation. I had too much caffeine, so I rambled, of course. It was still nice to not be working on something.

And when I came home, I watch Gilmore Girls with Allison. We found out that disc #23 and 24 are the same disc, even though they shouldn’t be. #24 was just #23 — repeated. It was really weird. I have no idea how we’re gonna get the last two episodes of season 4. We bought the entire series as a DVD set and we don’t have a receipt anymore, it was months ago!

That has nothing to do with creativity, haha. I’m gonna go now; I’m still rambling.


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