26 in 52: Problems already.

Ok, so as you know (or maybe you don’t), I’m reading 26 books in 52 weeks.
My first book, which I technically started in 2009, is Say You’re One of Them.

I’m trying to decide whether it’s going to be worth the struggle to get through it. The stories are good and touching. Childhood in third world area is hard. The first story was about childhood prostitution and, basically, drug use to numb the pain of starving. The second story is touching on poverty and AIDS.

Problem is, I don’t speak any African languages, so the italicized words are driving me nuts. And “dey” never seems to stand in for the same thing every time they use it. The broken sounding English and the sprinkling of French too (I wanted to take French in high school, but they only offered Spanish… which is why I will never allow my future children to attend the school I did… but I already have a school in mind, so they’re going to be ok).

Anyway, I’m only a fifth of the way through the damn thing and it’s the 3rd already. I have 11 days to finish the book if I figure 2 weeks per book. I’ve been trying to get through it for, what, 5 days now?

I’m going to keep reading it tonight to see if I can make any headway. I hate to give up on a good book just because it’s a slightly difficult read (because I do have some fun books in mind too), but I’m afraid I’m not retaining anything. I also fear that the only thing I’ll remember about the book is it’s difficulty level.

Ok, so I’m going to keep on keeping on — at least for the time being.


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