I have way too many articles of clothing.

For example, I have at least three button-up collared shirts. I think I’ve worn one of them… one time. I’ll never wear the two stripe-y ones, for sure (they make me look a bit too manly or something). Ugh, why do I buy these things?

I also have a couple pair of jeans that I’ll likely never wear. One pair is from American Eagle. They’re too low rise for me. (I’m a girl with a few curves. I need more space for my butt than an average 14 year old does. American Eagle, please take note. I don’t like shopping there, but other girls who are shaped like me do. You should do something about this.)

I have a zillion and one t-shirts and tank tops. My underwear drawer is filled to the brink, somehow, even though my underwear is actually in a box OUTSIDE the drawer.

This just ain’t right.

I plan on remedying this in SOME way this weekend. I probably need some luck on my side.


2 thoughts on “I have way too many articles of clothing.

  1. I love American Eagle jeans, but I agree with you on your note. Aeropostale make amazing jeans as well, have you been there? And… JC Penney. I’m not a fan of Penney, but I found a few jeans there that are lovely.

    • American Eagle kind of redeemed themselves by having very cute bras (in a D-cup even!) on sale.

      I should check JC Penney. I haven’t really looked for jeans there. I use to shop there in middle school. And I’ve noticed they have some cute stuff every now and then.

      I love Gap jeans. With a passion. :)

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