Oh my nerves.

I’m so nervous! This Wednesday, I have to cook for a bunch of people. Family, yes, but at least triple the people I’m use to cooking for.

I’m making chicken Alfredo fettuccine. Sure, it sounds simple enough… a little garlic, a little cream, some butter and cheese. But oh dear, how it’s not so simple. The sauce needs to be the right consistency and still taste like love and cheesy goodness! The chicken needs to be cut and sauteed to perfection. And this all needs to be done relatively quickly. I basically have from 3:30-4:30 or 5. I’m glad I’m not in charge of bread, salad and desserts too.

We’ve delegated. : )

But I think I need the food gods to help me out. I know I can cook for 5, but for, like 14? That’s an army.

In other news, The Edible Woman is quite interesting. Marian just had a meltdown… which weirdly led to an engagement. She’s already starting to lose herself. Ainsley is plotting her seduction of Len; she wants to get pregnant to a man, but she doesn’t want the man involved in her life — she wants to be a single mother. I can’t blame her, men always muck things up. (I kid, I kid. Kind of.)

I took photos at a basketball game tonight and my head was pounding before I left the house, so I’m going to pack the internet away for the night. Hopefully I’ll feel a little better by tomorrow morning?

Cross your fingers, people.


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