The Pirates! Arrrgh.

I can’t tell you, in words, how much I liked “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists.” It really feels like I should just squee with joy. :)
Maybe it’s because I’ve been on a “serious” book streak, but the silliness involved in this book was just what I needed.

I don’t want to go into much detail for this one. It’s so awesome, you really just need to read it yourself.

The quick and dirty:

The Pirate Captain and his pirate crew set off on an adventure. Black Bellamy tells the Pirate Captain that a ship sailing to England, The Beagle, is carrying a huge amount of gold.

When they spot the ship, they shoot cannon balls at it. They board the battered ship and searched for gold, but find only monkeys. This is when they discover that The Beagle was on a scientific mission. Charles Darwin, the scientist on board, had a (successful) theory regarding monkeys, diet and clothing.

(Man-panzees. Heh.)

He hopes that his discoveries will help him become a hit with the ladies.

There is also a sinister plot involving the Bishop of Oxford, a string of dead women and Darwin’s brother.

Oh, it’s just so awesome. This is a must-must-must-read!
So, go… read it. Now.



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