The shopping bug has bitten me.

For my daddy! (It’s so exciting that he has REAL jeans now! I told him that they aren’t work jeans (he works around ink and chemicals, so his cheap-o $10 jeans are perfect for that), they’re for weekends and evenings out and about.

They’re really similar to these, except the fit is so much better on my dad. Haha.

These look damn sexy on him. I have to buy him some nice shirts now too. :)

You have no idea how difficult it was to get him to try on dark jeans. I am so good. I think he was ok with it because I was buying them. (They were his birthday present… I promised in October that I would buy him REAL jeans. I am way broke now.) Despite trading in some jeans to get 35% off, I still spent nearly $100 on him. I’m so happy though.

I also bought myself some spring goodies:

Curvy jeans because they are soooo comfortable. I now have both colors. They need to make more.

These, except they’re a dark brown.

Only the cardigan. I love cardigans!

I also love tank tops.

Plus, I bought a pair of yoga pants for the gym (if I ever go again) or workout videos (if I ever do them). Also purchased were a pair of kickass shoes. Why are they so kick ass? Because they’re similar to all the thick-strappy sandals that seem to be EVERYWHERE this season AND they were only $10. They’re probably so cheap because everyone’s pinky toes probably stick out the side, but I have pinky toes that like to stay in close to my feet, so it might not be a problem. And, really, for $10… it’s worth a shot. I’ll try to get around to taking a photo.

So all this shopping has put a serious dent in my pocketbook. I mean, I spent $169 at Gap, alone. Old Navy was another $35. Shoes = $10. Oh and then a little over $20 at Joann’s for fabric… since I’m going to attempt to make a circle skirt. Monday I’ll pull some tanks that I might be able to embellish for spring and I’ll also try and find all my white clothing that might need bleaching. Tuesday, I’ll get down to business doing creative things. If I don’t get around to painting, at least I’ll have clothing to work on.

Oh, and I might make a run to Goodwill just to see if there’s anything salvageable there. I’m in the mood for spring. Really. But I can’t afford to keep shopping like this!


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