Another week’s gone by and I’ve learned a few things:

1 – I should never think that a local guy hitting on me is a good thing.

2 – I miss Eric (and I guess he misses me) and need to get to this flight booking thing. Eek. (I suppose I should clear the time at work and with Eric before I actually BOOK the flight.)
There are movies to be watched! And as long as I don’t have to watch Donnie Darko again, I’m down for whatever.

3 – I need to learn some low carb recipes because I’ve eaten WAY too much bread, potatoes and pasta in the past few days.

4 – I need to learn how to stay up past 9. Right now it’s 8:30 and I’m fighting sleep. What the hell, internal clock? Of course, the rain doesn’t help matters.

5 – Shopping with my lovely sister is always a blast and I’m sure I’ve burned at least 100 extra calories today laughing at/with her.

I need to sneak on her (as in, lovely sister’s) laptop and steal some of her crappy, trashy music to listen to at the gym. A lot of my indie music just doesn’t have the bouncy beat I need! *sad face*

I’m really craving Thai — I want to try drunken noodles. But I also want to give sushi another shot, minus the rawness… I’m pretty sure I had some eel sushi and that wasn’t terrible. California Rolls are always safe too. I need to figure out some safe choices, so I can bring sushi into my life somehow. It’s so pretty!

Basically, I’m craving newrestaurantfood. I need a buddy, or maybe I’ll just go alone next weekend, to do something different.

Ok, I’m behind on my reading. I’ve been watching 30 Rock and The Aristocats. I guess I’ll read for a bit.

(I love the Aristocats, by the way, even though it is sometimes a bit politically incorrect. I mean, an alcoholic uncle Waldo and a Siamese cat who speaks chinesegibberish? I’m in love with Thomas O’Malley… makes sense, with all his wanderlust being conquered by a sweet, darling little Duchess.)


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