Stuff and things.

A ramble of sorts.

The Big News. Oh em gee, healthcare. Well, let me quickly touch on this. Yeah, you can refer to me as a socialist or communist or even a nazi, I’ll probably laugh at you. I’m relatively happy about this because:

(1) My mother and various friends have “pre-existing conditions.” They should never EVER be denied the insurance that helps them get the care and medications they need at a price they can afford.

(2) My sister gets 3 more years than I had to stay on our mother’s insurance. You have no idea how much stress (and how many problems) this can prevent. Being a college student/recent graduate with no job makes it nearly impossible to afford any reasonable insurance coverage.

(3) This is a step in a good direction.

I don’t think The Bill is perfect. It will inevitably need some reeling in in some places and expansion in others, but here’s the thing… it can change. Law is rarely forever. If one part of it doesn’t work, it can be tweaked. If the government waited to pass a bill that pleases everyone (which is very impossible) nothing would ever get done. (Actually, it seems possible that women still wouldn’t have the right to vote and there would still be legal slavery if we decided everyone needed to agree.)

I guess we could just never pass any laws and allow anarchy to break out. I’m not a fan of that as I do love the fact that government provides a basic education, paved roads, clean water and emergency services. Besides, I’d rather see my tax money go towards something that may help people, rather than seemingly pointless things like lawsuits, destruction and stupid political games.

The only thing I’m curious to see is how this will bring insurance premiums down. (Or, well, how the subsidies will make insurance affordable for an average individual/family.)

But now that THAT’S out of the way, I can move on to sillier thoughts.

I’m currently reading book number… 6? Yes. 6. Austen is not my thing, so now I’m reading The Book with the Ugly Cover (also known by its real title “I Will Fear No Evil” by Heinlein). It’s a bit better than I was expecting and exactly as bizarre. *shrug* We’ll see if I feel like writing about it when I finish it.

I’ve also discovered that Peeps flavored italian ice is delicious with chocolate custard. I have a feeling that I’ll be eating Rita’s for lunch on a semi-regular basis from now until they close for the winter! So yummy. I kind of want more… right now. Oh and Girl Scout cookies. Those are delicious too and I have some boxes that are being taken to the freezer now! I should take some of the unfrozen ones for lunch.

Ah, I put in for my April vacation days. That’s exciting. I need to book flights and figure out transit and then I’ll feel better. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to plan this weekend. The plan: Florida (with ERIC!). I know nothing more than that. I imagine there will be movie watching and perhaps some pillow fights (which I’ll lose, I’m sure).

One more thing… I almost choked to death on a pretzel today during lunch. It was a bit terrifying. It would have been so sad to choke to death on a pretzel. I might swear hard pretzels off for a while.


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