Thoughts from today. (Miss America and Immigration Reform)

God, the thought of living in a world where women have no rights and are used only to reproduce is scary. The weird thing is, it doesn’t seem like such a long shot anymore. There are so many people spewing dangerous and hateful things. There are so many disrespectful things being done in the name of “freedom.”

I finished The Handmaid’s Tale today. I’m not sure which book is next, I just know I don’t want that Atwood world to come true. That over the top “women need to be protected but abused” doesn’t seem so far from how people actually think today.

Oh, that kind of reminds me, does anyone see complete hypocrisy in the Miss America controversy? People are going crazy over lingerie shots, they think it’s too sexy.

Let me remind people what the two main draws of the godforsaken contest are:
1) Gown modeling.
2) Swimsuit modeling.

Ok, now, lets think about this. Modeling gowns and prancing around in swimsuits has always been about the women looking good — appealing to men — it has always been about showcasing their beauty (over their minds). The Miss America pageant has been objectifying women for YEARS and now, because they’re prancing around in lingerie, all of the sudden it’s wrong?

Some of those women are showing less skin in lingerie than they do in their gowns and swimsuits.

…. Yeah.
I don’t think they’re breaking any new ground here with the lingerie.

Enough of that though… the other current event my brain’s been entertaining is this immigration reform. (This is going to be long and a bit of a ramble. You’ve been warned.)

So, let me start with this… I believe that people should enter our country legally. Those who have managed to sneak in are breaking the law. I do not believe they are all bad people. American’s (born in America) are extremely lucky… they could have been born in any other country very easily. It’s the luck of the draw. Some countries are not conducive to living and to happiness. (Sometimes I’m not sure America is even all that conducive, there seems to be such an uptick of hate swirling around and it’s making me absolutely sick of human beings.) Some of these illegal immigrants are here because they want to give their families a shot at life.

Those illegals with the drugs and guns, they’ll always find a way in. We just have to catch them before they do anything. Let’s remember that there are PLENTY of natural born citizens who also sell drugs and kill people. Don’t be fools.

I read an article today that discussed a new law in Arizona that prohibits the teaching of classes that elevate a certain group of people above all others. I’m not sure what kind of class that is, perhaps they have some sort of white supremacy movement beginning in these schools. I do not believe there are any classes in a public curriculum that elevate a particular race or culture above all others. I do fear that this law will easily spin out of control and affect all cultural classes. For example, any African American Studies or Mexican or Spanish American Studies class might be perceived this way by ignorant people. It appears to me that ignorant people are on the rise.

Fact: Arizona has a large Mexican American community. There are a lot of students who need to know their culture. There are a lot of white children who should also be aware of Mexican culture, as it has undoubtedly had an affect on the country. There are Native American students who need to be aware of their culture. African Americans, Asian Americans… every child should know their culture… where they come from.

If I had had the chance to take German in high school, I would have because my ancestry is almost all German. It would have been cool to have that connection. As I get older, I even see the value in silly Pennsylvania Dutch. When I was in high school, I took Eastern Cultures because I wanted to know a little about how “others” think. I believe I came out better for it in the end. Islam isn’t a religion full of crazy terrorists to me, I know that it can be peaceful and beautiful. I also know that Christianity (my own religious upbringing) can be violent and ugly as well as peace bringing and awe inspiring.

I’m rambling. What I’m trying to say is… It’s is SO important to educate our children on the WORLD. They need to be aware of the people around them and the people they might meet some day. It starts with teaching them where they came from, how they are intertwined with everyone else and how people who look just like them have made a significant impact on the world. I wish I had gotten a more culturally diverse education. I feel cheated that I hadn’t at times.

I feel upset that classes that may inspire someone to be something great and life-changing might be considered illegal under some new law. It scares me that people think all Americans should be one and the same.

It’s scary and awful. It will only result in a society that is less smart and less innovative. If we don’t embrace our differences in culture, we cannot embrace our differences in thought and if we cannot embrace those differences, nothing new will ever be born.

That would be a cryin’ shame.


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