A sofacreature.

I’m finally getting furniture into my apartment. My body aches from moving a lot of it yesterday, but there’s more to move. And there’s book and clothing and shoes. Oy. I’m finally getting there though. Once I have a bed in there, I’ll be able to speed up the process a little. Well, a bed and hygiene products like soap and toilet paper.

Here’s the couch I bought:

It’s like a hybrid sofa-futon thing. It folds flat so if I ever have visitors, they have a reasonable place to sleep. (We tested it and it’s long enough for Allison and that’s all that counts, I suppose.)

So, yep. Just one more big purchase to make (the bed) and I should be on my own and feeling the heavy responsibility of rent and electricity payments. Oh, and internet. I have to figure out which soulless provider I’m going with.


3 thoughts on “A sofacreature.

  1. Wow, I adore the furniture you bought. It looks so comfortable. Is it leather. I love the look of it. I think you did very well. Sometime in the future, maybe you can post pictures of your furniture in place!!

    • It’s not leather… it’s polyurethane. So, it’s basically plastic… but it looks snazzy. Haha.

      I’ll need to take photos next time I’m in. I’ve got a bed all lined up to be delivered on Friday, so I might be moved in by this weekend!

      I’m gonna write about my bed now! Woo!

  2. Hey, I would be excited about any new furniture I got!! Write away and tell us! Your furniture looks like leather and I know the room is going to look fabulous!

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