A Bed.

I just bought “The Manhattan.” I’m sure I paid a little more than I would have at a big box store, BUT I’m trying to practice what I preach and buy more things locally.

Anyway, the set was $365. I paid an extra $40 for a split box spring because moving anything large into that apartment is a nightmare. I also paid another $59 for a frame. Grand total, with tax, was $491.84.

Yes, I just paid almost $500 for a bed. I wanted to spend ~$300, but that wasn’t going to happen if I wanted something halfway decent.I cashed in some savings bonds to take away some of the sting. I only have one left. I might cry when I cash that one in. I’m going to try to save it for a wedding dress… in case I ever convince someone to marry me.

The only “big” purchase I have left, that I’m aware of, is a newer TV… but that’s not a necessity since I’ve taken Allison’s old one to hold me over. YAY!

And with that microwave my Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Craig gave me, I’m not even going to go through a starvation period! So, at some point this week/early this weekend I need to move my bedroom furniture and clothing (and books). I’ll be officially on my own and it’s going to be so WEIRD!

I’m gonna miss the kitty and the inability to have quiet time, I bet.


2 thoughts on “A Bed.

    • Thanks. :)

      Yeah, I keep trying to remind myself that beds last longer than any kind of technology or silly things like that. I mean, I might have this bed for 10 years or something.

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