My new digs.

Here’s some photos of the new place I call my own.

I also made myself some breakfast Sunday morning and when I slid the omelet into place, I was like, “OH LOOKIE! A HAPPY FACE!”

Soooooo, that’s my little picture update.


22 thoughts on “My new digs.

    • Thanks. It’s growing on me. It’s starting to feel less weird to be here. Haha.
      Although, I’m staying up too late on the internet now that I have it.

    • Heh, thanks! The jealousy is not something I intended to bring on. MOVING IS HARD, I do not recommend it for the faint of heart. Haha.

  1. It looks terrific! Wow, what a large kitchen. The sofa you bought looks wonderful and comfortable. So much room! I know you are happy to be this far. Congratulations :D

    • The kitchen is SO GREAT! (Other than the old stove, but I can deal with it.) It’s got a lot of space, so I never feel closed in while I’m cooking. I’m planning on making it my sewing room too, once I have the energy to bring my sewing machine over.


    • THANKS! It needs more color in the walls, but I’m pretty fond of how it is at the moment. I’m not in a hurry to get anything else done… though I want pretty new curtains. I might buy fabric for that this weekend. :)

    • Yup. I was exhausted by the time everything was in… actually, everything’s not in yet. I still have some clothing to bring over.

      I almost forgot about that. Obviously I don’t wear much of this clothing.

      I’m so glad it’s almost done though. So. Glad.

    • It’s pretty big for one person. Two people could easily live here if they live each other, haha. I really like it… it’s the perfect size for me. :)

    • It’s pretty nice. It still feels too bare, but I’m determined to get art on my walls soon.

      I also need to figure out how to create a vanity type place in my bedroom without making it feel too crowded.

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