Dear Comcast,

I hate you a little. No — a lot. Right now I could spit fire.

I set up an appointment somewhere between 5 and 9.

Your technician called me at 3:30… but it was a private number… which I assumed was a friend calling me. I am at work, I did not answer. There was a message left, but I figured it wasn’t you, so I figured I’d call my friend back later.

Then at 5, a private number popped up again. Since I’m at work, and again assumed it was my friend, I did not answer… but when I thought about it I decided to listen to the message left earlier in case there was an emergency situation or something. If that were the case, I’d have to call that friend back.

Turns out it wasn’t my friend… it was the technician. He left a message and it did NOT include a call back number. Turns out after I didn’t answer the second Private Number call, they cancelled my appointment.

Comcast, I hate you. Why would you have your techs call from a private number, not instruct them to leave call back numbers and then just CANCEL the appointment without even trying to knock on my door or something. I EVEN CONFIRMED WITH YOUR DAMN ROBOT LADY 20 MINUTES BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF MY APPOINTMENT TIME.


My cable appears to be working and if it breaks again, I will be livid. I will not be as patient as I have been up to this point. And if I get charged for a cancelled appointment… Oh. Man.

No <3 this time.


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