Me and How I Feel Today.

So, day one of the 30 day blogging extravaganza.

How was my day?

Well, it started off at 6:45 am. Sixth day of work and I’m feeling a little tired. I survived the working day and came home at 1 pm. I put two bookcases together. (I bought both after a late night run to Target with my momma! We made it 30 minutes before they closed and we checked out 30 minutes later.) My fingers feel a little raw.

And now, I’m just chillin’… watching Big Bang Theory (season 3) from Netflix. I finished the first disc of Sex and the City, Season 1. I should probably try and catch up on some True Blood too… I feel lazy. It’s nice.

Anyway, I feel pretty good despite the fact that I’ve just gotten done with a 6 day work week.

By the way, grilled cheese sandwiches (swiss and provolone) with thin slices of tomato… sooooo good. <3


3 thoughts on “Me and How I Feel Today.

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  2. Wow, a six day work week? That does sound busy and tiring. Glad you got through Target before they closed too!

    The grilled cheese sounds wonderful! I love grilled cheese!

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