Day 3: My ideal first date?

Well, ok. This is a hard one because I think I’ve had my idea first date already. I worked hard to get a second date and then a third never happened, so it wasn’t exactly productive, but I thought it should have been.

Ok, lets see.

It starts with something easy and non-intimidating. I don’t want to be worried about being skilled while also getting to know someone while also giving off zillions of awesome rays of sunshine. I want to go knowing I’ll grab coffee/dinner and that there’s an end in sight if it really sucks.

So, setting: Non-committal. I want to be able to focus on whether I like you.

Of course, this date is ideal… so it’s filled with endless and easy conversation that flows from one topic to the next without any awkward moments of silence or confusion.

Then, because it’s so awesome, you continue it past coffee/dinner. “Oh, look! A bowling alley/bar/indie movie theater/arcade! Want to play a game/grab a drink/see this movie/play Pac Man?”

Why yes! I do! Thank you for asking and continuing this good time!

You flirt and touch a little and at the end of the night, you hug/kiss goodnight and drive off with your head in the clouds. The following day, the dude calls you and sets up another date (and actually follows through). Hopefully this one goes as well as the first and you eventually turn into one of those blissful couples that single people like to pretend to hate.

Preferably, the mancreature I’m on the date with is relaxed but ambitious and also genuinely interested in me for things beyond my breasts and girly bits.

Ta da! Ideal first date.


4 thoughts on “Day 3: My ideal first date?

  1. good luck girlie :)

    I want a man to be interested in BOTH my girl bits and my wits. If it’s just one or the other, it wont’ work long run (he’ll look elsewhere for the parts that he’s not interested in YOU).

    • Ah yes. That’s what I was trying to get across. I like these people to be interested in me because I’m awesome and smart… THEN they deserve to appreciate the boobies and girly bits on a regular basis.

      If they *only* want to see my boobies bounce and all that jazz, they’re not exactly ideal.

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