Ok, here’s the day 6 you’ve all been waiting for!

The animal I want as a pet? EASY!

THE KITTENS! (Fluffy and Chin)

You see, I can’t have pets in my new place, which was fine until I started loving these little babies at my Meemaws (poor little adorable strays). There’s still a shy gray cat out there too I wish I could save. For the time being, these two babies live at my parents. I not-so-secretly wish Chin gets to stay… she’s suppose to go to one of my sister’s friends.

Without further ado:

Fluffy (top kitten) & Chin (bottom kitten)

And here’s a close up of Chin:

She was snorting cat nip.



7 thoughts on “Ok, here’s the day 6 you’ve all been waiting for!

  1. Such cuties! I don’t blame you for wanting to keep one for yourself.

    You should brush up on the renter’s regulations in your area. We’re technically not supposed to have a cat (it’s on our lease and everything), but a landlord can’t evict us for having a cat . . . so we’ve got a cat :) As do many other people in our building. Here it’s commonly accepted to check off “no cats and dogs” on the lease, but allow cats. It may be where you are as well.

    • Sadly, the landlord mentioned the “no pets” thing a few time before and during my lease signing… so, while he may not evict me over it, I’m pretty sure he was serious about it.

      I guess if my longing gets bad enough, I could ask nicely. I’m pretty sure my across the hall neighbor smokes in her apartment and that’s not suppose to be happening either.

      For now, I’ll just visit and hope that my sister’s friend sticks her/my parents with the kitty. :)

      • Aww, then you really probably shouldn’t have pets :( I’m all about keeping good relations with the landlord, so if he mentioned it himself, then you really probably shouldn’t.

  2. Ana-Sofia Vargas approves of your kittens, and would happily dispatch her legal team to assist you. However, she’s still waiting on her “Queen of the Universe” credentials. ;) I am not a “cat person” in the usual sense, but these two definitely make my home life better. And they are great bed warmers when it’s cold.

    • My mom is convinced that, if they keep both kittens + LaFonda, they would be cat hoarders. Haha.

      I’m going to try to convince them that the kittens don’t take up any more room than I did when I was there. :)

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