Day 10: My favorite place to eat.

So, it’s Columbus Day. I’d like to start off this post by thanking Christopher Columbus for failing so miserably in his actual quest. You did not find India/Asia… but you did start off the infiltration of the Americas by white people. And now, because I’m a bank teller, I get a day off in your honor. Yay for eventual destruction of native cultures!

((Most of that is sarcasm… though, I’ve got to be honest, I dig the day off.))

On with the post!

My favorite place to eat is Bangkok Wok. Actually, it’s all Alli’s fault that I even sought this place out because I had THE BEST PAD THAI EVAR at Raku when I visited her, but this place is local (so, I can actually get here on a semi-regular basis), delicious and I think a very close second to Raku’s Pad Thai.

This is what it looks like though… I was uber nervous about eating here when I saw the storefront.

I stole this photo from Yelp.

Um… here’s the inside, though. It’s much MUCH nicer looking inside. (And I’m sorry the photo is soooo tiny!)

From -- You see, I don't usually take photos of restaurants. I'm there to eat and food is all I can think of. This is also why I fail to take food photos of my delicious cooking at home. Oops.

My only complaint is that it’s too dark inside sometimes. It makes sense on Valentines Day, when most people go with their lovers and I end up going with my ex…


Anyway, now I’m hungry for Pad Thai or Drunken Noodles. Actually, now I’m hungry for both. I’ll have to wait until my birthday to get any though… I’m dragging the family out for ethnic food.

Today I’m going to another one of my favorite restaurants… Arooga’s! I’m meeting my sister and my momma for lunch. I’m sure I’ll get wings and fries.


One thought on “Day 10: My favorite place to eat.

  1. It sounds like a delicious restaurant. You are right, though, it is quiet dark! That is a bit unusual.

    Enjoy your lunch!!

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