Day 11… The Makeup Bag?

Er, I don’t really wear much makeup… so I rarely carry my makeup with me. In fact, my eyeshadow and lipgloss hasn’t been unpacked yet… that’s how much I use it.

My usual staples? Foundation. Mascara. Er, done.

If I do ever wear eye shadow, it’s usually a neutral color, a shimmery gold, a brown, maybe an earthy green.

I’m nearly out of foundation at the moment. I’m waiting for it to ship from Amazon. (I’m getting my Neutrogena stuff back.) Anyway, this means that my foundation has been more like concealer for the past few days.

Actually, I gave my skin two days off, since I had a weekend, and it was a lot less red and irritated looking. I’m hoping the Neutrogena stuff won’t mess with my skin like this Maybelline stuff did.

I think this may have been the most boring prompt on this 30-days-of-blogging thing. At least for me.


6 thoughts on “Day 11… The Makeup Bag?

    • I don’t really know.

      It takes so much time to wear everything… and having my face covered in makeup I can FEEL makes me crazy. That’s why I stick with the lighter, sheerer foundations.

      I dislike lipstick. I hate that it gets all over everything I drink out of/eat off of and I feel like a painted doll/clown/whore when I wear it. It just doesn’t look right on me or something. I’ll wear sheer/neutral lip gloss if I’m going somewhere fancy or lip balm as an every day thing.

      As for the eyeshadow, I love eyeshadow, but I never learned how to do all sorts of dramatic things with it… and I’m not a dramatic person. Learning how to wear dramatic eye makeup isn’t high on my priority list. I’m more of a hippy, natural kind of person anyway.

      Eye liner makes my eyelids flutter. I cannot, for the life of me, apply it without making my eyes angry.

      So, basically, my lack of makeup routine lets me stay in bed longer, is gentler on my checkbook and also keeps me looking all natural… like my personality suggests I look.

  1. If you want a really good foundation (slightly more expensive), I recommend Smashbox Sheer Moisturizer. It’s really nice and does not feel like you are wearing makeup.

    • That’s what I like about the Neutrogena stuff I ordered! It’s light and I can’t tell I’m wearing it. It has the added bonus of zit-fighting chemicals too. Though, I feel like the $12-14 I spend on it is expensive enough, haha. If I had more monies, I’d feel differently, because it’s going all over my face skin, but I think this is as pricey as I can go at the moment.

  2. I don’t wear the stuff either, and when I do it fades across the day anyway! Then you gotta reapply etc.. which gives me the BEEPS.

    Au Natural!

    • I’ve never reapplied my make-up (unless there was some evening thing I was going to, then I’d reapply before I left for it). (In fact, sometimes I skip a day of mascara because I can’t seem to wash all of it off in one day.)

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