AND Day 14: A TV show I’m currently addicted to…

The Big Bang Theory.

30 Rock.

I did not have much luck seeing either tonight, though. I could the last 15 minutes of Big Bang (so it wasn’t making complete sense to me) and I half watched 30 Rock because Fluffy looked like he was going to puke up a hairball on me (I was at my parents… had to drop a camera off).

Anyway, yeah. I also seem to be digging Outsourced. I wasn’t expecting much from it though, so my expectations were low and it has exceeded my expectations. I don’t know that it’s actually a good show. Half the reason it’s so good is probably because the lead actor is preeeeetty.


11 thoughts on “AND Day 14: A TV show I’m currently addicted to…

  1. Oooh the lead actor in Outsourced IS pretty! Mmm… Oh and I missed 30 Rock, too. Booo I really wanted to see the Live episode! I suppose I could watch it online, but its just not quite the same as it would have been watching it live.

    • The live episode was kind of weird. I mean, it was good, but I actually like it better taped.

      I think Tina Fey just misses SNL.

      Rewatching the live episode was about the same at actually watching it live. I wanted to watch the west coast episode too, but I haven’t gotten around to it. I wonder if it’s still online.

  2. DId you know outsourced stemmed from a movie? (Same name, diff characters)
    I watched the movie originally and then discovered that a TV series were made out of it!
    The movie is indy-american, I find it hard to adjust to the series but it’s still good!

    • I did know that! I actually have the movie on my netflix list… I haven’t watched it yet.

      I need to make time for that and just do it. Haha.

    • It’s a little cheesy and, you know, stereotypical, but I have a feeling it will get better with time. The characters are already evolving and, if it doesn’t get cancelled, I’m sure season 2 will be better than 1.

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