Day 13: My favorite musician! (Skipping 12 for now.)

My favorite musician is probably Jason Mraz. I’ve liked him since I was in middle school, so this is the longest running musician love I’ve had. He just can’t seem to do any wrong.

Even songs that somehow get attached to these numerous (disappointing) boys in my life are usually reclaimed as my own… if they’re a Jason Mraz song, anyway. (Some songs aren’t so lucky and I never listen to them again.)

Sadly, I’ve never seen him live… I’m 100% certain he’d be amazing though.

A very VERY close second is Ben Folds. I’ve seen him live and he is AWESOME. Love him so much. The only thing that keeps him from my #1 spot is… I tend to like him better live than on his studio recorded CDs. (There are some exceptions to this, such as “You Don’t Know Me.”)

I realize this is probably the best insult I could ever give anyone. “Sorry, but I like your voice better when it’s untouched.”

But really, who else can make Jay-Z’s “Bitches Ain’t Shit” sound so freakin’ great?
(This song is obviously not appropriate for little ears.)


One thought on “Day 13: My favorite musician! (Skipping 12 for now.)

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