Days 15 & 16: The “let’s play catch up” edition!

Alright, I’m three days behind this shizzit.
(Incidently, I also had three days off from the banking world… and I didn’t spend it all on the internet! Yay.) Lets try to play catch up!

Here’s two days, at least!

Day 15: Something you don’t leave the house without.

Um, my purse! I very very rarely leave without my purse. It has everything in it. Also, I never leave the house without clothes… on my body. It’s just not tasteful to run errands in the nude.

Day 16: Your celebrity crush.

Oh, well, the lead actor on Outsourced… but I’ve yet to actually learn his name. Similarly, with that American Boy Next Door look — Chris Pine.

I also love Paul Rudd and Jon Stewart. Um, Jason Segal too.
Oh, and Colin Firth.

I’m certain there are more.

Natalie Portman and Tina Fey are my girl crushes.


3 thoughts on “Days 15 & 16: The “let’s play catch up” edition!

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