Day 18: Something I Crave A Lot.

I crave a lot a lot.

You see, I love food. It’s a really unhealthy love (and it makes me think I should do a month of “eating to live” or something), but I just like me some foods.

One thing I crave constantly, but surprisingly don’t indulge in, is Alfredo. Simple. Alfredo sauce. With pasta. LOVE. There is nothing better than this creamy, delicious sauce on noodles. Mmmmm.

I am 100% certain that I need to make this over the weekend now. *sigh*

Let’s see. Sometime I partake in quite a bit more often… BURGERS! I love a juicy, medium done burger. It can be plain and on a bun and I’m a very happy camper. Add onions and cheese or guacamole and I’m in heaven. Of course, you can’t have a burger without french fries! I crave them relatively often too. Actually, I’ve wanted them every other day for the past month, now that I think about it.

This is probably why I’ve gained another 5 pounds since I moved out. Argh. Must. Eat. Better.

That’s why I bought fruit yesterday, but I digress.

Cake. I love cake. It is the one dessert that is almost impossible for me to turn down. (99.9% of the time, I will cave and I will not feel super guilty about it because there’s always room for cake!) Cake and I go waaaaay back. In fact, I read another Allie Brosh cartoon and I thought, I feels you, girl in the pink dress, I feels you.

Cheesecake too. But I sometimes have willpower against that.

In no particular order: Chicken pot pie (the noodle-y kind… not the pie kind), butter noodles (Mmmmm, I might make some of those before the parade), perogies, Cheetos, Hot Chocolate, pizza, Pad Thai, lo mein, everything in your refrigerator, blocks of cheese.

Um. Asparagus. Brussels sprouts. Broccoli. (For reals, I do occasionally eat food that is not death and cholesterol in a delicious package of awesome.)


4 thoughts on “Day 18: Something I Crave A Lot.

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  2. I never knew anyone that loved Alfredo that much. We have had Stouffers Alfredo brought to us many a time, after a surgery or a hospital visit. LOL. When anyone asks now if they can bring anything, we usually say, anything but Stouffers lasagna (which is great) or their Alfredo, because we have had so much of it. But I am sure yours is much better!!!!

    I agree with you. I love cake, especially chocolate/chocolate! You would love our Sunday lunches. We have buttered noodles every Sunday after church!

    • I’m certain that Stouffers doesn’t make a proper Alfredo sauce. Actually, the only GOOD sauce I’ve had (outside of a restaurant, like Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill) is the clumpy stuff I make myself.

      It needs to be super cheesy and super garlic-y, otherwise, it’s just not up to snuff.

      I have a really great Alfredo recipe posted somewhere, I think. It ain’t necessarily pretty, but it’s delicious.

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