Day 20: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

You mean "A Girl and Happenstance?"

Well, I’m a girl. That’s pretty easy.

And happenstance is defined as: "a coincidence: an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental."

I’ve decided that most experiences whether they be good (hello first full time job in a field I never thought I’d work in, hello interesting adventures to far off lands like Florida and DC) or bad (hello disappointing man-boys) are a result of happenstance.

I mean, I use to believe in "signs." But a few small heartbreaks and one stupid one later, I don’t believe in them anymore. In fact, since my last heartbreak, I don’t think I’d asked the Universe for a "sign."

Happenstance has made me more cynical, which is not necessarily a bad thing and it sure beats hearing about how young, silly and naive you are.

But, here’s to looking forward to more positive instances of happenstance in the future!

So there you have it, I’m a girl who writes about her life. The end.


One thought on “Day 20: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

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