Day 23: 15 Facts About Me

Oh lordy… that’s a hard one.
Good prompt!

Facts about Christina, soon to be a quarter century old:

  1. I hated sleeping in a twin bed. So when I moved out… I slept on one side of the bed… like a stick. Now, I sleep diagonally… and I did not enjoy my sister taking up my diagonal space last night. (Though, I did like her presence.)
  2. I have a stuffed animal named Puffy. I had him since I was just a wee lassie. It looks awful, it is dirty and deflated looking. My parents tried to replace him, but the new puffy was not Puffy and I rejected him. I still have both of them.
  3. The only people I am afraid of disappointing are my parents. I can live with myself otherwise, but I would feel horrible if they ever had to "explain" my actions to someone.
  4. That said, I will not change my liberal tendencies to actually care that people are able to have a quality life in a world filled with inequality. Gay marriage, a woman’s right to choose, taxing the wealthier Americans to provide basic care/needs to the less fortunate, etc… even though these things are crazy-socialist-commie ideas around here.
  5. I love autumn because it feels more introspective and quiet than summer. And the colors before everything goes dead? Phenomenal. I look forward to it every year. (In fact, I even liked it best when I was in school and my summers meant freedom.)
  6. My first concert was Barry Manilow because my mom loves Barry Manilow so much, she went to a concert while she was pregnant. I’m sure she was trying to pass the love on to me.
  7. How I dress and how I wish I could dress are very different. I have a few outfits that I feel awesome in, but many more that are just alright. I need a style guru, please. (It’s seriously something I need to work on.)
  8. I still don’t like when people dress up as scary things for Halloween. I particularly don’t like it when it requires a mask that covers their entire face. It freaks me out.
  9. Rainbows and shooting stars instantly make me happier. Even on a terrible day, it’s bound to make me smile for at least a moment.
  10. I miss the stimulation that my art classes provided me, even if I don’t miss forced assignments. It was beneficial to me to have deadlines and guidelines.
  11. I hate this about myself: my hair is like a security blanket (which is why I hated my short hair so much). I know that my hair should have little influence on my self image, but I can’t help but feel uglier when it’s short/pulled back in a pathetic ponytail.
  12. The above makes me want to cut all my hair off (well, not all of it… but, you know, above shoulder length) to prove to myself that I’d still be me… but I’m not brave enough to do it.
  13. I’ve only recently become an organ donor. Ever since I started driving, I would donate to the organ donation fund, but not become an actual organ donor. This time I decided to stop being a hypocrite. As a precaution, I told everyone in my family not to donate my organs until I am 100% dead. (I’m hoping they don’t have to make this decision though, obviously.)
  14. So far, I’ve only found one kind of sushi I love. The Dragon Roll at a place called Miyako. So. Good. In fact, I might treat myself to some on my birthday. I’m thinking about driving downtown to do a little shopping at The HodgePodgery and sip on a Chai Latte at Cafe Di Luna. Then I’ll pop over to South Philly Hoagies to pick up the most delicious cheesesteaks you could possibly find in Central PA. In fact, they are the best thing greasy thing I have ever put in my mouth. (I have no idea why they only have THREE stars on Yelp.)
  15. I wish I had a boss like Jack Donaghy. This character (and the lawyer Alec Baldwin played in My Sister’s Keeper) has made me forgive his weird cell phone outburst towards his daughter. On a related note, if I have to be single into my 30s and 40s, I hope I become more like Liz Lemon because she’s kinda awesome.

5 thoughts on “Day 23: 15 Facts About Me

  1. So, are you going to get a double bed? That is great that you became an organ donor. So many people need organs and it is nice if we can help people when we don’t need them anymore.

    Halloween….one year a big guy student at the college near here dressed up in overalls and a mask, and carried an ax over his shoulder. He scared us to death. My husband knew him from the school and told him that he was scaring people and needed to take off the mask. The poor kids that saw him were probably scarred for life.

    Happy birthday early. Those sounds like some wonderful birthday plans!

    • Thanks for the early birthday wishes!

      I held off on the organ donor thing so long because I’m afraid they’d take me off life support too early because they want my heart. I realize that’s ridiculous, heh. So, I took the leap.

      I actually have a queen bed now… which is why I’m use to sleeping diagonally now. I love being able to take up more space. Allison crashing in my bed kinda crimped my style. Haha.

      How did the guy get away with carrying an ax?!? That would have been my worst nightmare! I always feel like those people in masks are going to attack someone and never get caught. I mean, what could you say? “The guy who did it looked like Michael Myers!”

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  3. Hey whoa! That was pretty interesting Christina!
    How long did it take you to think of it? Something like this could take me hours to hash out. Surprisingly I more about everyone else than I know myself.

    In a job interview recently I was asked describe 3 things about yourself and I literally said, “What kind of question is that? I have zero idea about myself”.
    Yesh – that job interview went brilliantly! lol

    I wish I had a Jack boss too!! And I assume I’m on the Liz Lemon path, but I won’t be as cool as her :(

    • It took me a few hours… spread out over days. I worked ahead on this particular prompt. ;)
      Also, that’s a terrible interview question… but they probably asked to see how “on your game” you are. You know, how well you work under unexpected pressure.

      I would have had to pause for a minute to think about that though. I probably would have said, “That’s a tricky question… Hmmmm.” and used that time to think of three nice qualities. (Um, teamwork works? Going beyond what’s necessary? The ability to listen to others? Maybe?)

      You can definitely take steps to be as cool as Liz. I think the three things that make her kick-ass are:

      1 – She is who she is, no matter how much ridicule she needs to take because of it.
      2 – She has awesome/horrible dance moves.
      3 – She deals with chaos quite nicely.

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