Day 24: A photo of something that means a lot to you.

I have three photos… and it was hard to narrow it down. At first I though, well, these important somethings would be people. But I decided that I’ll chose my few prized possessions to share with you because that’s probably what the prompt is actually asking for.

First, there is the jewelry box my pappy bought my two year old self before he passed away. (Cancer bums me out.)

It’s chock full of jewelry. I should probably purge some of that, actually because I have jewelry overflow.

Then, there’s my Peepaw’s hats. He never went anywhere without a hat on. :) My mom tells a story about their car being on fire. She ran in the house to grab her Sunday shoes because she’s sure the house is going to burn down and my Peepaw just asked “Where’s my hat?” before he bothered going outside to check it out.

I bet my mom doesn’t still have her Sunday shoes.

And last, there is my Grandma’s faux diamond necklace. It’s costume jewelry, but it makes me feel classy when I wear it. (Also, I love classy costume jewelry.)

All three of these people passed away as a result of cancer. So, get your colon checked, eat less red meat, eat more greens and antioxidants and don’t smoke.

For the love of God, don’t smoke.


5 thoughts on “Day 24: A photo of something that means a lot to you.

  1. I love that your father bought you a jewelry box when you were 2, before he passed away. That is such a special gift. Your grandfather’s hat is so snappy! Such a great fashion statement for his time and a wonderful keepsake for you. I would want to keep both of those things forever.

    I bet your grandmother would be very pleased that you are still enjoying her necklace. That is special…that it was hers and now it is yours and you wear it.

    All three of the thing you showed us are unique and have much sentimental value to you. I am glad that you decided to show us your priceless keepsakes.

    • Oh, no… it was my dad’s dad that bought me the jewelry box. My pappy. :) I miss him and I wish he was still around because I’m sure we’d have some interesting discussions now a days. ;)

      Yes, all three of these things are so important to me. They all signify someone who is important to the woman I’m becoming.

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