Day 25: What’s in my purse? (Errr, I’ll do day 24 tomorrow… when I have time at home after work.)

Oy, it might be easier to list what ISN’T in my purse. (For example, there are no stray klittens in my purse… sadly.)

I have:

  1. A smashed Twix bar. (Yum.)
  2. A Progressive (online) quote from a few weeks ago.
  3. Two booklets of McD’s gift certificates. (SODAS!)
  4. Eclipse Gum.
  5. Pink Silly Putty.
  6. An oversized crystal favor from Mike and Jen’s wedding.
  7. My battery charger for my point-and-shoot.
  8. My iPod + skull candy ear buds.
  9. My cell phone. (Blackberry, still.)
  10. A blue hair tie and a LARGE rubber band.
  11. Extra strength pain relief, acetaminophen. (Rapid release tablets.)
  12. Extra strength headache relief, acetaminophen, aspirin & caffeine. (Also rapid release.)
  13. Two small containers of hand sanitzer (Bath and Body Works, Warn Vanilla Sugar.)
  14. A reusable bag, for groceries when they let me pack my own.
  15. Lip gloss, mascara, lip balm and perfume.
  16. Two pens for writing.
  17. Two Tide to Go pens for stains.
  18. Day planner.
  19. Wallet.
  20. Two checkbooks.
  21. An envelope with coupons in.
  22. Various keys on a very large collection of keychains.
  23. Glasses case. (Currently holding my sun glasses.)
  24. *ahem* Personal hygiene products and some belly meds.

I should minimize my load so I could also carry a small book with me, but all these things… I use on a semi-regular basis.


9 thoughts on “Day 25: What’s in my purse? (Errr, I’ll do day 24 tomorrow… when I have time at home after work.)

  1. Whoa!!! Please, take a picture of this humongous purse. Look at how many things you carry in twos! Your purse must be quite heavy. I am astounded at the amount of things that you fit in there. Doesn’t it make you wonder, how on earth men make it, without purses! I just do not understand that.

    • They make it without purses because we end up carrying their stuff too. Haha.

      My purse is heavy. I seriously need to clean it out. Maybe put all my pills in one place rather in three different bottles.

      My purse is actually not that big! I don’t know how it holds all my stuff!

    • Yes! Do it!

      My dad looked at me like I was insane as I was emptying my purse onto his desk for this particular prompt. If I wouldn’t have dumped it out, though, I would have missed 30% of my stuff!

  2. OMG! lol! that is a lot of things haha! I agree with Freedom you have to take a picture :) I think that “13.Two small containers of hand sanitzer (Bath and Body Works, Warn Vanilla Sugar.)” sounds interesting, we can’t buy stuff like that here.. just the stuff they have in hospitals.. smells sooo bad!

    • I have no idea why the silly putty’s in my purse, but you never know when you might need it! <3

      I just realized that I didn't have my camera in my purse. Shame on me! Not that I've been taking many photos anyway lately. I must remedy this at some point.

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