Day 28: My favorite movie.

Such a fluffy prompt!

My favorite movie of all time?
I’m pretty sure it’s Love Actually.

It’s just such a sweet movie. It’s got everything I like about movies in it. It’s funny at some parts. Sad at others. It’s just heartwarming and it leaves you feeling happy and hopeful.

I love that it’s multiple storylines that all overlap in some way.

Colin Firth is in it. As is Hugh Grant (and he dances, poorly)… but they aren’t fighting over a girl this time. A little boy falls in love for the first time. Two people learn a different language so they can use words to communicate love. A man mourns the loss of his wife. Oh, and a man confesses his love to his best friend’s wife… expecting nothing in return. So perfect.

I could watch this movie over and over. It’s a genuinely good movie on multiple levels. I love this movie and I’m certain I’ve said it before.

So. Good.
Um, that is all.


5 thoughts on “Day 28: My favorite movie.

  1. Love, Actually is one of my favorites as well. For me, the most awesome line is when Hugh Grant has just arrived at 10 Downing St and met Natalie for the first time. He sits down at his desk, sighs, and says “How inconvenient.” That sums it up. He knew he was smitten, and that he’d be having a hell of a ride (standing up to the President of the US, going door-to-door to find her, singing Good King Wensceslas to 3 demanding little girls, etc). Spectacular film. I think I’ll watch it again. :)

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