Day 29: Something I could never tire of doing…

Oh boy. I’m not sure I have a good answer for this… I tire of just about everything at some point. (You know, except loving my family and friends.) But an actual action or hobby… hrm…

I like cooking and baking. I really do… but I can’t do it all the time because I need money for ingredients/bills/rent/etc. I guess if I had a never ending supply of money, I’d do that a lot more often.

Sometimes I like to watch movies and TV shows for hours on end, but sitting for looooong stretches at a time makes me crazy.

Shopping. I like that enough to do it a lot, but there’s the money concern again. I’d totally do other people’s shopping if they paid me to do it.

Reading actually makes me sleepy sometimes. Especially at night, so it quite literally tires me. (But in a good way. Books are awesome.)

There is nothing in my life that I like so much that I could never tire of it. Do some people really like to sleep, drink and eat ONE THING? I mean, I get passions, but it seems unhealthy to NEVER tire of something… like it’s an addiction.


3 thoughts on “Day 29: Something I could never tire of doing…

  1. I agree. There are some people that are created differently and they usually can concentrate on one thing. They are autistic, especially those on the less severe side of the spectrum. I think it is a special thing, that they have a subject or an interest that they do not tire of. I think it is something that they are better at than we are.

    I enjoy many things. I used to think that I could “read forever,” until I got chronically ill. Now, I wish I could be on the go, busy, moving. Surely we all fluctuate in our passions and different things will come to the forefront at different times. I love photography and I take pictures almost every day, but still, not all the time.

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