Yesterday, I rallied for Sanity.

And here is the link to the photos I got. It was pretty alright!


The energy there was pretty darn positive. It felt good, vibes were flowing and we all liked each other. It was silly but also showed that maybe, just maybe, there’s still hope for normality in America. There were  a lot of really good musicians there too… The Roots, John Legend, Yusef Islam/Cat Stevens, Ozzy, and The O’Jays. Oh, and there were some laughs.

Also, Jon Stewart gave a really great speech at the end. (The Moderate Party: Stewart Colbert 2012? Please?)


Kid Rock performed, quite possibly, the most pathetic and depressing song of the day. Something about not being able to do a damn thing about terrible things (like poverty and war), but caring about them anyway. Newsflash… you CAN do something. Thanks for nothing. You probably can’t stop an entire war by yourself, but you CAN (by yourself) do something about poverty. Volunteer or donate money/resources… you have a lot more at your disposal than most people do. Duh.

The awesome clearly outweighed the kind of sucky… and by most reports, there is more sanity than insanity in America. Yay!


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