Tuesday daydreaming: A day off + food.

I’m hungry!
So, what do you think I’m going to do? Look up recipes, of course!

I’ve decided that, since chicken thighs/legs are always cheap and are also on sale this week, I’m going to make Oven Fried Panko Chicken on Thursday! (The fact that the ingredient list is 4 items long doesn’t hurt either.) I’ll need a side dish though… I’m thinking I might bake up some spaghetti squash (because I still have one in my fridge) and asparagus (because I love that stuff and I have some on hand) for the side.

Oh, the tiny ingredient list reminds me… I want to stalk that 5 ingredient fix website. I like tiny ingredient lists. I also like easy peasy meals.

Speaking of Thursday, it’s going to be veterans day and I’m celebrating by sleeping in (a little), getting my hair colored and cut, watching True Blood with my Momma (holla!) and making supper. Bank holidays are great (and, by the way, veterans rule… for reals).

When I get home this afternoon, I’m going to throw together an applesauce cake for Tuesday Night Supper (it’s moved up a day this week). As far as I know, we’re having lasagna (courtesy my mother) and baked ziti (with mushrooms and spinach, courtesy myself). I’m pretty stoked about trying this mushroom stuff. I’ve never made any kind of mushroom before. It smelled quite good though.

You know, you’d think my mom’s quite the supper-maker. Rest assured, she fed me Shake and Bake throughout my childhood. I didn’t have an appreciation for it until recently though. Shake and Bake is so easy and quite delicious. I get it now. I get it.

Anyway, after last week’s birthday week celebration, it’s time to start budgeting my food monies again. Time to make a meal plan for whatever’s cheap… and it’s time to go meatless at times. I should really try making a lentil stew (though that recipe isn’t meatless, we do have some italian sausage in the freezer). Oh, and maybe bust out the Ninja Pro (thanks to Melanie and Todd, this is now in my arsenal) to whip up some Butternut Squash Soup?


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