I’ve balanced the budget multiple times today!

This is my last go at it.

If the people in Congress are serious about this, they have a lot of options. Yeah, they don’t all rock, but if they work together and frame it in a way of compromise and “sacrifice now to save us later,” perhaps it could actually happen.

I mean, I even made a slight surplus by 2030 (which signals to me that there is some room for even more compromise).

Do I think they’ll do it though? No. Because they’d have to put a few cuts to each of their sacred cows. And who will foot the bill? You and I (if you’re American, at least). I’ll be 45 in 2030. I’d like it if America didn’t have a huge debt by then. I’m already aware that Social Security will probably be vastly different by the time I’m 68-70 years old. I’m not really expecting to get the same benefits as people expect now (though, I’d be thrilled if they were still there… which is why a balanced budget seems oh-so-important).

So, have you balanced the budget today?


2 thoughts on “I’ve balanced the budget multiple times today!

  1. Haha, I need to try that out…that’s really interesting.

    It’s unfortunate that everyone in Congress is there to push their own agenda…the budgets would be much more efficient without all the write-ins and deals they put in. I’d be really interested to see how the budget is going to look by that time…it’s already so bloated.

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