I need to stop watching the news in the morning…

… Because if I have to listen to another report about these airport scanners, I will scream. I don’t care to hear arguments that the radiation is dangerous (according to a quick search, if you’re flying, you’re already being exposed to higher radiation than these machines put out and if you use a cell phone — you guessed it — more radiation than this scanner). I don’t care to hear that it’s invasive. It’s less personally invasive than a pat down or strip search and if someone can’t tell I have girl parts just by looking at me… they’re probably blind.

I heard an interesting argument that they are ineffective at detecting plastic explosives. THAT is a legitimate argument, but no one is actually discussing that fact.

It’s all “Oh my goodness, but the scanner people will know I have genitals!” when it should be, “In our economical climate, we should only be investing in technology that actually protects us and this is not it.”

In one of these news segments, someone quickly suggested we should model our airports after Israels. Want to read about that? Go ahead and click on the link. I’ll wait for you to read it…

I don’t see that flying in America. Armed guards, intense questioning, detaining clothes and investigating photos taken on the trip (I can imagine some photos being more risque than the airport scanner images), etc. But, if we want safer flying, that’s how Israel’s been successful with it.

Anyway, onto more awesome things:

I’m going to make wall art in a few minutes. I’m going to put pretty fabric into embroidery hoops and then figure out a way to hang them on my wall… once I figure out which wall to hang them on.



8 thoughts on “I need to stop watching the news in the morning…

  1. I know what you mean. Your post said it all. And no, I do not think the Israeli airport way is for us! I find it interesting that they spent money making this scanner and evidently have bought the thing. At any time did they think about polling travelers about their feelings about these machines? Do I understand correctly that the screen shows like an x-ray? I mean, how sexy can that be anyway? Who cares if someone sees my bones and muscles and stuff. Or does it look like a person disrobed. I would not be happy about that. I don’t even fly, so, I guess it will have to be up to others to decide (like my little opinion was going to sway them anyway).

    I am not sure what commercial jenny is talking about but I saw a cartoon one that was hilarious. I think someone posted it here on the blog or maybe it was facebook.

    • It’s not really a bones and muscle thing. Most that I could find show the outlines of your body parts… Kind of like a barbie-dollesque sort of thing. It’s not sexy. I mean, really. It’s a grainy image of your body shape under clothes. There’s the machine and then there’s someone in a booth making sure there’s nothing weird under your clothes.

      I’m sure they could tell that one of my boobs is bigger than the other, but it just doesn’t bother me. They’re not seeing a “naked photo” of me (as a lot of the people in the news are saying). *shrugs*

      I guess I’m just not that weird about my body. People pretty much all look the same naked anyway (well, I mean, women look different than men… but you know what I mean). Haha.

    • Yep. That’s pretty much how I feel too. I prefer they do things that actually keep me safe, but whatever.
      I hope my lopsided boobs are the highlight of their day, at least. ;)

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