Oh my, so it’s been nearly a month.

Not much has been happening. I feel like life is speeding on all around me and I’m being pulled by its crazy currents.

So, it’s almost Christmas. I still have a LOT to do. I need to make cookies for the first ever Christmas Cookie Competition. Each person in the family is going to pick a cookie recipe (secretly, everyone must be surprised) and make enough for each family member to have at least 4 cookies. The prize is… I don’t know what the prize is, actually. I think it’s still undecided… the right to brag, I suppose.

I’m making cookies that promise world peace. I’ll link to the recipe after Christmas if they’re any good/the bring world peace.

I also really hope I can get a little recipe booklet together. I’ve been trying to find time to work on it, but I haven’t had much luck lately. Eh. This weekend (Friday and Saturday, after my sister’s walk across a stage) I need to make the family yummies.

I can’t believe 2010 is nearly over! Anyone have exciting New Years Eve plans?


2 thoughts on “Oh my, so it’s been nearly a month.

  1. The cookie competition sounds like so much fun! Post pics!

    I’m spending the first New Year’s ever away from my parents…I’m going to my friend’s party. My mom has been making me feel kind of guilty about it though. Haha.

    • I’ll do my best to snap some photos before we eat them all. :)

      Haha. You shouldn’t feel guilty! HAVE FUN! I’m not sure what I’m doing for NYE. Probably falling asleep by 10 in a fit of exhaustion.

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