Dating? What’s a date?

So, my pal (over at At Least My Hair Looks Good) posted a link to this quiz.

I decided to take it because, hey, it doesn’t hurt to know what you’re looking for… especially when you’ve been unable to find it in you 25 years of life.

These are my results:


  • Accomplishment really boils down to social and economic stability — we’re talking about issues like a partner’s profession, level of success and noteworthy achievement, being socially revered and having a respectable lifestyle.
  • Physical Chemistry really boils down to raw physical and sexual attraction — we’re talking about issues like a partner’s physical appearance, attitudes toward sex and sensual style.
  • Drive really boils down to mental and physical wellness — we’re talking about issues like a partner’s physical fitness, zest for life, energy level and openness to new opportunities.


Your scores on the "Lost in Translation Test" suggest that you want a man who’s "highly driven but neither overly focused on accomplishment nor outward physical chemistry."

Um, yes. I’d like someone who has drive. Lots of it is preferable, as I seem to have very little lately. BUT I don’t want a workaholic or someone who is so focused on ONE thing that’s all they do. That would be bad.


According to relationship experts, what you seem to be looking for is a "MOTIVATOR." A motivator is well-poised to meet the hidden or unspoken needs you might actually be trying to fill in a search for a relationship. A motivator is…

  • Someone who doesn’t make you feel like an underachiever, but who can act as more of a support and by giving you physical and emotional space to focus on your personal interests and goals.

Oh my gosh, yes! That’s what I want! I read this and felt like I finally understood myself!

  • Someone with strong self-control and patience, who’ll respect and seek out your feelings and preferences rather than be domineering and controlling.

Self-control and patience are two things that I really do want in a man. I also appreciate an inquisitive guy who actually wants to understand me. (Wait, does this kind of guy even exist? I think this is the mythical quality that makes me search in vain.)

  • Someone who strives for and models longevity by being true to a physically and psychologically healthy lifestyle, which includes taking pride in his appearance and working at being attractive to you.

I don’t want a gym monkey, BUT I would like them to try and be healthy… so they can live forever… with me.

  • Someone who’ll renew your passion for life through exploring and sharing new experiences and opportunities.

Someone who wants to explore the world and things in it? Yes please. Exploring can be fun!

  • Someone who’s steady and economically stable but keen to balance professional ambition with being accessible to loved ones.

Workaholics need not apply.

  • Someone who’s vulnerable and unafraid to show physical affection, loyalty and emotional connection towards you in public, as well as in private.

I mean, they don’t need to make out with me in public… but hand holding makes me happy. Quick, stolen kisses are the sweetest. I like PDA in moderation. And loyalty is of upmost importance.

  • Someone who feels no need to impress others and who prefers to focus on life’s other matters.

I feel like this is a good view of reality. I mean, I want them to impress people, but I don’t want them to tie up their worth with how many people they impress. They don’t always have to be on… they can have some off days too.

  • Someone who respects and adheres to social etiquette, which reflects well on you among family and friends.

Yeah, um, burping and farting is gross. I mean, we all do it… but try not to do it in public… or worse, to impress some idiot. Say please and thank you and all that good stuff. It makes everyone happy and, hell, it might IMPRESS someone.


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