Obligatory Christmas Post: 2010

So, Christmas 2010 has come and gone. I enjoyed not having to work on a Saturday. (I don’t have to next Saturday, either!) That was probably a gift enough.

However, I feel so lucky this year because (despite my lackluster attempt at list creating) I got a lot of really awesome stuff.

I got some yummy wine, a nice blanket for my sofa creature (still working on the pillow thing), an awesome necklace (one that I wanted very badly from an Etsy shop this year) and a lot of other adorable things. But, the big gift this year was…

A KitchenAid Stand Mixer.
Oh my shit.

So, I opened it and was like, "No. Way." Then I was like, "Oh, I get it. You want more Cinnamon rolls."

And then, I started to feel intimidated. I mean, this is a KitchenAid! This is red and it makes it look like I should know what I’m doing. (Not to mention, it weighs about 500 pounds, so you know this is serious gear. I will hate moving just a little bit more because of this hunk of awesome.)

I have no idea how to change the whisk attatchment to the dough hook attachment.

Oh, but I love it… even if I haven’t used it yet.


6 thoughts on “Obligatory Christmas Post: 2010

    • My parents. They are insane… but yes, they really love me.

      I told them I never thought I’d get one unless I got married. Then I said, “Or wait… I guess you know that’s not happening. You must have given up on that.” Haha.

  1. I’m jealous! Although, I’m not sure where I’d put one. My counter is already full of kitchen appliances. And I shouldn’t be baking since I can’t eat the goodies.

    But still! So much fun!

    • You can eat bread, right? These things make bread bunches easier. I’m sure there are more healthy ways to use them too. I’ll try to find one or two healthy ways to use it… just for you. Haha.

      My counters are pretty damn full, but right now it’s next to my microwave and I think it’ll stay there for quite some time.

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