2011 is just a tiny step away…

… And I feel like I need to make 2011 MY year. It will be my year to grow and improve myself and take steps towards being the person I want to be rather than standing still.

Of course, I’ll probably end up slipping back into my comfort zone on occasion, but in this upcoming year, I’d like to accomplish a few things.

  1. Be more creative. Sometimes I truly feel like my creativity is dying. I don’t like it. It makes me feel boring and if I feel boring, I AM boring. Being boring is bad. Maybe I’ll attempt to do at least ONE creative thing a week. Or every two weeks… something manageable. I’ll need to work this out a bit better for my "official" resolution.
  2. Keep going with my 26 in 52 project. I think I can get through this with my nightly reading, for the most part. I liked being able to track my progress via goodreads, so I’ll probably use it again in 2011.
  3. Be more social. I love my family (to pieces) but I need to get out with non-family more often. I just need to do it. I’m an introvert with moments of extroversion. I need to work on my outside-of-work people skills.
  4. Look more "together." You know, fake it ’til you make it!
  5. Find out what makes me, me. I know who I am, at my core, but I don’t really have any hobbies (outside of baking, lately). I think my "be more creative" challenge will help me with this.
  6. Maybe I should, you know, exercise on occasion in the coming year. The last few months of 2010 have been very, very lazy.

So, I’m gonna work this out and then I’m going to try to keep myself on track to becoming an even more awesome girly in 2011.


2 thoughts on “2011 is just a tiny step away…

  1. These are really great resolutions. I became more creative this year and you want to know the main reason? I started carrying around a journal that I call my “sketches” notebook. Anything I hear that I like, I jot down into it. I write poems, or just whatever is bothering me. I put in fortunes from Chinese restaurants. Just random things, and I find it gets me writing.

    • I’m going to try to do something similar. Instead of buying a planner, I’ve decided to use the notebook Alli gave me for my birthday as a planner/diary/sketchbook type thing. I already wrote out the “planner” section for January. I’ll jot little sketches in the couple pages following it and then come February, I’ll repeat the process.

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