Mistake #1

The other day, I made the mistake of stumbling across the curtains you see to the left. (They’re from Anthropologie and they’re over $200. The link is in my last entry.)

Since then, I’ve been unable to stop thinking about them since.

I posted my lamentation on a crafty forum and everyone there loved them too. Someone made the suggestion to make them myself via stamping, which led me to Etsy where a little rubber stamp was waiting for me.

And now… I’m all full of ideas, so when the stamp comes, I just have to be all full of follow through.

I’ve decided that tiny rainbow octopi would be the best idea. I also decided that I need to embroider some cephalopod pillows. It’s time to turn my living room into an underwater squid park!

All this started because I lusted after $200 curtains. I hope I can figure out a way to do this successfully. I’m not sure if I should use fabric paint, screen printing ink, regular old acrylic, some other fabric medium? (I think there’s some sort of medium your can mix acrylic paint with to make it fabric safe.)


Anyone have crafty advice for me?


7 thoughts on “Mistake #1

    • I have two windows in my kitchen, one big one in my living room, one big one in my bedroom and a small one in the bathroom. I love that I have so many windows, because the light pours in during the day (meaning I only have to turn lights on in the evening)… but COVERING them is difficult because I’m picky.

      I lucked out and the people who moved left the curtains, but they’re very boring/neutral curtains. I want octopi!

    • So, yeah. The stamp is tiny. I’m going to buy some fabric and paint this weekend and see if I want to stamp all over OR if I want to go a different route that might involve ordering a cheap silk screening type thing.

      But the stamp is rad. And I still love these curtains.

    • I’ve been in love with octopi since… art history class. When we studied a very naughty Japanese (wood?) print. I don’t know what it was… but all of the sudden, octopi were kind of bad ass.

      Weird story, I know… but then I also saw old scientific-like illustrations of them too and they’re really cool creatures!

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