This was pretty interesting.

And pretty spot on.

I saw this “PersonalDNA” test on Barbz blog. So, I took the test… and it told me I’m a considerate visionary.

I think you guys should take it too… You know, when you’re bored and want to kill about 30 minutes of time.


7 thoughts on “This was pretty interesting.

    • When I took mine and it told me I was very trusting, I was like “Well, gosh, that’s not gonna help me in banking.”

      It’s just my NATURE! I can’t help it! I’m compassionate and TRUSTING and I want the world to be a better place, damn it!

  1. I almost got myself to try it, then got distracted and I guess it doesn’t work anymore if you lose focus. I wonder how much it can be affected by distraction?
    Perhaps I’ll try again. Very interesting though!

    • I imagine you need to be focused… but you aren’t suppose to think about your answers long. Your gut reaction is suppose to be what you trust.

      It seems to be pretty accurate, though. I like when things work out that way. :)

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