2:25:An attempt to define me. (My general lack of make-up.)

My skin is not perfect. I had freckles when I was little (… still do when I get enough sun in the summer) and I still get zits from time to time.

And that’s ok.

My name is Christina and I am comfortable with my naked face! There are a lot of people (mostly women, I’m sure) who get squeamish about leaving the house without make-up. It doesn’t worry me.

Sure, I put on a bit of (sheer) foundation in the morning and I like to throw on mascara to brighten up my eyes… but I don’t need it. I don’t feel naked or wretched without it. I look like myself. I have the same face on at work as I do when I wake up in the morning.

What you see is what you get, kind people. I try to treat my skin kindly, get enough sleep and smile. When I’m smiling a real smile, I’m quite pretty. Sure, there are days when I’m like, “OH MY GOD, THAT IS THE MOST DISGUSTING WHITEHEAD EVAR!” but there are also days when I roll out of bed and seriously consider going natural for the day. (And I have, quite a few times.)

Some people have wondered why I don’t bother with make-up.

Well, my mom was never a big make-up user, so I never felt compelled to play in her lipsticks… but I also feel like my parents may have help build my self-esteem to a point that I’ve never felt the need to change how I look to please someone.

Don’t get me wrong… I like to look nice. I wax my eyebrows (just a bit to tame them) and I keep my hair brushed so I look acceptable, but I’ve never felt like my skin had to be perfect to have a good day. I’ve never felt that my eyelashes were too short or my face too freckled. (Ok, I might have hated my freckles for approximately 5 seconds during my youth.) But if someone couldn’t like me because I didn’t fit the look they expected, why the hell should I care to be accepted by them?

Oh yes, I’m wild and free!

Anyway, this has led me to the belief that make-up should never be the first thing someone notices about you. (If someone remembers your black rimmed eyes only for being black rimmed, you did something terribly wrong.) It should be used only to accentuate the things that make you unique and beautiful. It should never be used to blend in or look just like everyone else.

And you should always remember… what society perceives as imperfections are actually the things that make you perfectly you. ;)


6 thoughts on “2:25:An attempt to define me. (My general lack of make-up.)

  1. I wish to God more women had your attitude about makeup. Most of my gf’s over the years have been make-up free. in fact, with some of them, seeing them “all made up” was a little scary. Like clown scary.

    You are lovely the way you are, imperfections and all, Ms Heart. I applaud you for not spackling and painting yourself into anonymity.

    • Why thank you, mister!

      Anonymity is a good word. There are girls who haven’t learned this “less is more” secret yet and that’s exactly what they look like… anonymous… they all look the same!

      Maybe there’s a template somewhere and I never got the memo about it. Haha.

      Clown scary reminds me of something: I can’t wear lipstick without looking weird. My dad even suggested I wear a little lipstick sometimes (special occasion type things) and I put it on and take it right back off. I look too painted up. I look like a stranger.

  2. Awesome post. It is only recently that I have embraced sheer foundation instead of the cake makeup. I had bad skin back then and wanted to hide it. But lo and behold, once I stopped wearing so much foundation, my skin cleared up…rocket science, right?

    It’s great that you have that confidence to pull off a natural looking face. You know what though, I think it’s the best look. I saw this stylist today and she had SO MUCH MAKEUP on. I thought she was in her early 30’s. But then she told someone that she was 24, and my mind was blown. Keeping your face fresh and pretty will keep it looking younger, too!

    • I’m glad you learned the secret. :)

      I’ll be honest, during those awkward years where hormones were fluctuating and zits ran crazy all over my chin, I considered learning the makeup thing. But whenever I tried, I failed at making it look at all natural, so I decided to let it go. I knew my face wouldn’t be zitty forever.

      Not to mention, I constantly have my chin in my hand (hence the crazy break outs from time to time), so the makeup would just wear off immediately. It wasn’t worth the effort. Haha.

      But I totally know what you mean about the aging effect. When done improperly, it can really add years to your face and that’s a terrible thing. I mean, women aren’t suppose to age! (Haha.) So why would we voluntarily do that to ourselves!

  3. I never wear makeup. First of all, it’s too much of a hassle to apply it and remove it. Second of all, I end up looking like a child playing with mom’s makeup no matter what—even with natural make up. Honestly, I’d rather live without makeup. I like how I look sans makeup and I have no problem with my natural look. If anything, I’ll wear mascara… but that’s, like, once in a blue moon.

    • Oh, Barbz. You have a most awesome face. You definitely don’t need to hide it behind makeup. :)

      If I wear more than sheer foundation, eye shadow and mascara, I feel like a painted whore. It just doesn’t ever go well. Blush makes me look odd. Lipstick, odd. I’ve never tried lip stain, but that’s because I’m afraid I’ll put it on, look odd, and then won’t be able to remove it for hours. That would be awful. Haha.

      Mascara is the only thing I love. Because I love my eyes and I love to emphasize them. Just one sweep on each eye…. Maybelline Full & Soft (waterproof). It’s the only stuff that works well for me.

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