As of late…

On Saturday, I took a class at The HodgePodgery to learn to crochet granny squares.

I think I like it!


4 thoughts on “As of late…

    • These are my two favorite colors at the moment…

      If it goes well and I actually finish a blanket, I might use softer, more neutral colors to make a wall hanging to serve as a headboard type thing too. But I have to get rolling and have a day to make granny squares all day long. Haha.

  1. Ah, thanks for posting it reminds me that I have a bag full with these kind of squares, I just have to make the blanket ;) These colors are just so much nicer than the colors I chose..

    • I’m sure your squares are lovely! Now that I have a bunch of bright colored ones, I wish I would have gotten a softer, more neutral color to mix in. That’s for the next one, I suppose. :)

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