Avocado pasta? Interesting.

So, tonight I made this recipe.

It looks like this on their website:

Pretty, right? Well mine didn’t look so pretty… but I think I got the taste down.

FYI: The sauce is enough to cover 4 servings (half a pound) of white pasta. I couldn’t eat all that. I can eat TWO servings, but not four.

My thoughts?

  • Holy dragon breath. I’ll be breathing garlic for days.
  • Um, this tastes pretty awesome. Kind of like an Italian guacamole!
  • Wait, hold on. Shoot, is this turning into a “steak nuggets” experience?
  • Yep, yep. This isn’t so great anymore.
  • It’s so… goopy! And it tastes kind of green…
  • Maybe it’s the copious amounts of garlic?
  • Maybe it’s just because I’m staring at 4 servings of pasta and I know I’m only gonna get one serving down?
  • Shit, I can’t eat all this. I’m full. Or maybe I just don’t like it. I don’t know.

Rating? 2.5 out of 5 stars. It’s not awful and I can definitely see why some people like it. Sadly it’s just not for me.  If I would ever try it again, I’d cut the garlic from 3 to 2 cloves for sure. I don’t think I’ll make it again though. I encourage you guys to try it out (it doesn’t take long to throw together or anything), but I can almost guarantee no one directly related to me would like this. It was average in my book. *shrugs* I’ve been losing a lot of food battles lately.


Also, as I did my dishes tonight, I broke another drinking glass. At this rate, I’ll have four to drink out of by June. I might need to start looking for some cheap, awesome (plastic) drinkware. Or some good, sturdy glass stuff.


7 thoughts on “Avocado pasta? Interesting.

  1. Damn about the drinking glass. I’m one of those people that can’t use gloves because glasses slip out of my hand when i wash and so many gloves are so damn big it just makes it worse!

    And the pasta. How do they make it look so pretty huh? I love avocado so it looks like something I’d try but then I don’t really eat Pasta anymore – maybe this may get me back on the pasta?

    • I think my glass fell over in the sink and that’s when it cracked. It I hadn’t been wearing gloves, I would have sliced my hand up something awful. I love my gloves, though. I haven’t had any trouble holding onto things with them and they fit relatively well.

      The original recipe uses udon, I believe. If I try the recipe again, I’ll try it with the udon. Maybe the earthiness of a wheat/buckwheat pasta would help the flavor on my tongue.

    • Haha. Go for it.

      The glass thing is normal. I’m really bad with glass. I got some plastic cups now. (Reusable, of course… but plastic.) The cheapies at Target, 4 for $2. They’re great. They stack wonderfully too.

      And yes, we do! It must have been a very popular choice back in the day.

  2. I made this last week with a friend. We used two cloves of garlic, added lots of lemon, and some parmesan cheese. We also used about twice the amount of avocado. So I guess we didn’t make it. But we started out with this recipe and then looked at the one that inspired it and made our own. We’re going to try another variation with sun dried tomatoes next. I suggest people try it, because it’s tasty and they can always adjust it for themselves.

    • Oh, I’d be interested in how the sun dried tomato version turns out! Maybe that would make my taste buds happier! That sounds intriguing. Maybe I should puree up some red pepper next time in it!)

      Yeah, this version wasn’t awful… I just… It was too much garlic or something. And the creaminess of the avocado is *really* filling.

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