So, I’ve been busy crocheting away. I’ve found a granny square hexagon pattern that I absolutely LOVE.

Naturally I’m making everything I can in this pattern now. I’m slowly plugging away at an afghan for my momma (I’m on hiatus from that one for a bit) and a baby blanket for my coworker (which is the one I’m currently plugging away at).

I shouldn’t upload progress photos of gifts, but it’s not anywhere near done yet, so here’s a little teaser!

Oh my god, isn't it freaking awesome? :-D

In other news, I’m in love with pink soda. Diet Cranberry Canada Dry Ginger Ale is sooooooo good! Mmmmmm. I guess I’ll have to buy more.

Tomorrow is donut day, I’ve got an order in and I’m so excited to eat those greasy balls of dough!

Also, this weekend, I’ll be helping my sister make 2 big time cakes for some childrens. I’m most excited about the boy cake. I mean, ARMY MEN! I get to decorate with those awesomely cheap little dudes. And the ones that -mart- place had were suprisingly well colored. Bright green, no super ugly browns. It’s a good time.

I also need to work on a swap for a crafty board I frequent. It’s a Pringles Can swap. I’ve gotten started on it, but I’m surprised how quickly March is moving along. I’ve got to have this puppy sent out by April 1st. (I also need to remember to grab the larger Pringles can at work.

Alright. More crocheting needs done…


12 thoughts on “Dizzy.

    • I think this is the brand Michaels (the art store) makes… “Loops and Threads” (link: http://www.michaels.com/Loops-Threads/Loops-and-Threads,default,pg.html)

      It’s really nice for being a cheaper yarn. My other favorite for granny squares is Caron Simply Soft. It’s so so soft for an acrylic yarn and pretty darn affordable too!

      The Pringles can gets stuffed with goodies and shipped off to the recipient. I like to do swaps sometimes because it makes me think creatively AND I get to (hopefully) add a bright spot to someone’s day. :)

  1. You’re so knotty. ;) Coincidentally, I said to myself earlier, “Self? Some nice Canada Dry Ginger Ale would hit the spot.” I went to The Infernal Store™, and they had it 10 for $10 with my swipey card. WIN! (I like the pink sometimes, but I love the original (only diet)).

    • ;)

      I don’t know why I’ve never had Canada dry ginger ale before. I’ve done the other ginger ale brand, which I can’t remember at the moment… but this stuff is supposedly made with real ginger, even!

      I’ll have to stock up again when I get to the store. I hate buying soda because it’s so heavy… but this stuff was worth the effort!

    I wish I could do that – but no chance in hell.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it tho!

    Post more piccies! And the cake too! So excited!

    • The cake photos will be posted after the parties have passed. :)

      I’ll probably take my crocheting supplies with me tonight. I like to crochet during the slow parts of Ghosthunters. (Commercial breaks are better while crocheting.) I can’t wait to actually FINISH something. Haha.

    • Thanks! I’m pretty fond of this color combo too. Of course, it’s all my favorite colors (at the moment) in one place.

      Good thing the coworker is having a boy. I’m not all that into pink lately.

  3. I am way far behind but I totally love love love those hex’s. You must bring this project to Knitting Group to show it off!

    Also that pringles can swap sounds totally fun and the idea of using the can is quite smart.

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