Er, Monday Monday…

I made myself some tortellini soup and a baked potato (with wine) tonight. I was feeding myself, so I had a bit left over. (I’ll thank myself at lunch time tomorrow.)

Yeah, so it was kind of loaded with cheese. Bite me.

The soup was easy. Soften an onion and garlic over medium heat. Dump in a can of diced tomatoes and a can of broth (chicken, beef or veggie… I used beef). Bring that to a boil and dump in some frozen veggies (I used corn). Then, once the liquid is boil-y, dump in the tortellini and cook it! Then eat it. I sprinkled extra cheese on it because I’m a cheese ho.

It was pretty good considering it took all of 30 minutes to make it. And I could have made it quicker if I had been real serious about it.

Oh, yes. I baked the potato at 375 for 30 minutes and then microwaved it for 5 (because potatoes take forever to bake). Then I melted some butter and cheese on it. And I drank wine. I’m a fan of white zinfandel.

I’m not sure if it’s cool to admit that. Is that an ok wine or am I the saddest wine drinker ever?


I need to figure out what I’m making tomorrow. I want to avoid pasta, as I’ve eaten far too much of it, BUT there’s a sour cream egg noodle casserole that looks delicious. And it’s suppose to be colder tomorrow, which means meaty, cheesy casseroles will taste extra awesome.

But… I don’t know. Whims, you know? I like to work on whims when it comes to my foods.

Ok, I’m off to search out recipes. <3


4 thoughts on “Er, Monday Monday…

  1. I used to shop for wines by looking for the highest alcohol %. Zin was usually low (6%-ish). Chardonnay usually rocked a 12%, so that was my choice. The tortellini soup looks awesome. Happy recipe hunting.

    • Oh my goodness, I almost forgot what I found then to make for Tuesday! So sad!

      I made stuffed peppers! And they were delicious. How did I almost forget about that?!?

      I bought Pinot Grigio for cooking now. That’s what the wine snob at the liquor store said I should use.

    • Being a cheese ho can make your belly fat happy. So you’re right… nothing wrong with pleasing the belly fat. :)

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