The Rental Car from Hades

So, yesterday I dropped my car off for bumper repairs (someone backed into my car on April 1st). Insurance would cover a rental car, so I took them up on that offer. I usually like driving cars that don’t belong to me.

Anyway, I was super stoked because YAY IT’S A FORD FOCUS AGAIN!

I got in the car and it beeped at me immediately. Apparently Rental Car Guy popped the trunk but DIDN’T CLOSE IT! So, I got out, closed the trunk and hopped back in.

Sirius radio? AWESOME!
Nope. That was a lie. I would have had to activate it with my cell phone. No way am I paying for crappy music, ok?

Then my car informed me that I could not exceed 80 MPH. That’s fine, but lame. I feel so stiffled, even though I hardly ever go over 70 to begin with.

So, I drive my car back to work, lock all the doors and happily go into work.

At lunch time, I hop back into the car and turn the regular radio on. I turn out onto the road to head out to Walmart. I turn at the red light and my radio goes dead. I read the little digital display: "Fasten seatbelt to resume radio."


So I fasten my seatbelt and the music turns back on. I roll my eyes because, hello distraction… but whatever. Fastening your seatbelt is the right thing to do.

I get out to Walmart and open my door. This is when I realize that when I open my driver side door, all the doors unlock.

WRONG! When I returned from Walmart, $42 poorer because my DVD player only half works, I unlock my door and sit down.

Something is ticking! Why is the car ticking.
"Start car to avoid alarm" (or some crap like that).

So I start the car real fast as the ticking is approaching warp speed and the alarm doesn’t go off.
I make a mental note while my heart slows down to never lock the door with the power locks again!

So, I have a nanny car that also tried to embarrass me in the parking lot of Walmart. It’s like a nanny and a toddler in ONE!

I want my car back. I miss him.


4 thoughts on “The Rental Car from Hades

    • It was! Oh god, it was so annoying. I usually do what I’m suppose to do (minus seatbelts on short trips, I know, I know). To have the car constantly reminding me and being all, “I’m gonna embarrass you in a few moments by emitting a very loud noise…. HAHAHAH SUCKER!” was very uncool.

      I have my lovely Echo back. I’m happy again. :)

    • (Your comment didn’t post because, for some reason, it was waiting for moderation. I approved it obviously, but that was weird. Hopefully it knows to just automatically approve you now. Haha.)

      Glad you enjoyed the rental car from Hades. I was never so glad to give a rental car back. :)

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