Recipes from last last weekend.

So, not this weekend, but last… I went on a dinner-cooking binge. I had dinner ready Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night, we had eggs in tomato sauce.

Sunday night — Olive and pimento grilled cheese sandwiches (with potato chips, of course).

The eggs in tomato sauce was so-so. I mean, the sauce was ah-maz-ing. The eggs + tomato sauce combination was just too different for my sister to handle. To be honest, it was good and everything, but it wasn’t my favorite. It was much better (in my mind) when the egg yolks were just set. The timing is… a little fussy.

Of course, I served the eggs over noodles. It might be different if you have bread to soak up the runny yolks. If I make it again, I’ll have to do toast rather than noodles.

The olive and pimento grilled cheese sandwich was delicious. It was so salty and just… yum. The first bite seemed bizarre, but it got sooo much better as you ate it. (If you don’t like olives, you can easily use only pimentos. Or I imagine you could use roasted red peppers instead. Hmmmm.)

Also, the recipe asked me to make mayonnaise. I obliged. It was a good experience. The first batch, which I tried to make in a food processor, was a gross, runny, yellow mess. The second batch, in which I consulted Mastering the Art of French Cooking, turned out much better. I used my KitchenAid instead of a food processor. A wisk-action blend is really really important… as is adding the oil verrrrrry slowly at first. (Drop. By. Drop.)

Of course, I didn’t take photos. Just like I didn’t take photos of the green bean casserole I made for Easter. (My only defense was that I was super rushed and the whole cheese-sauce-creation took longer than I thought. AND I WAS GOING TO BE LATE TO MY MEEMAW’S! One should never be late to their Meemaw’s.)

The casserole was yummy, though. Suuuuper cheesy and a little spicy. When I make it again, I’ll cook the green beans a little longer so they’re a bit softer. But that’s just preference… not necessity. I also promise to take photos.

I can’t wait for full swing fruit/vegetable season!


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