Organize Now?

Borrowed from Kzinti (who borrowed it from someone else!)

“The idea is to figure out what’s important to you and then focus your energy towards those priorities. No “Life Vision”? Not a problem! Answering these questions can help you find inspiration. If you could do anything…”

– Where would you live?
A small house… A lovely little house with just enough room to be comfortable with company, but still feel cozy and homey and warm. It would have just enough room for all the things important in life.

– How would you earn an income?
I’d be fabulous. I would work for a gallery or maybe teach art/art history to a bunch of snot nosed kids. I’d have nifty little art works from my job hanging on my walls in my lovely little house. I’d laugh a lot and I’d make other people ponder the beauty in all kinds of art.

– What would your days look like?
I’d get up… Drink coffee/tea/soda and slowly wake up. I’d play and feed my cat and/or dog. Maybe I’d even have a dude to kiss and cuddle and spoil with lots of dinners and cakes.

– What would you do for fun?
I’d go to galleries and I’d visit indie coffee shops. I’d just sit by some body of water and breathe. I’d laugh a lot.

– What would you do more of?
Relax, laugh, cook, play, travel.

– What would you do less of?
Worry about things like money. (I hope!) Stress. I’d paint my nails less often (because I’d have someone else do them)!

– Think about what you want to accomplish within the next fifty-six weeks. When you look back on this time in your life, what will you remember? What will you be proud of? List these goals. Break big goals down into smaller pieces to make them more achievable.

I’d like to look into getting my bachelors, though it might not happen this year or next or the following. I’d like to figure out HOW I can do this without moving back in with my parents. I’d like to worry less about “finding love” because I can do just fine “on my own.” I’m never really alone… I need to remember this more. I’ll remember… petting a one eyed cat, loving my family, my sister turning 21 (and probably our beach trip), my dad’s crazy eyes and my mom’s pasted on smile. I’ll be proud of… my little sister for graduating with her associates and moving onto bigger things and even snagging a job she’s excited about (something within her major even… turns out she isn’t going to waitress right now).


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